Biodiesel Fuel

Biodiesel fuel is a clean alternative fuel, typically made from different renewable resources including corn, vegetable oils, recycled grease and animal fats. It creates less pollution than petroleum diesel. We can say that biodiesel fuel is more easy to integrate it into current systems than other energy sources.

Biodiesel has its advantages and disadvantages. At first we must talk about its good qualities. We can say that the main advantage of biodiesel fuel is that it is non-toxic, making it is even safer than making the table salt. Also it is a clean burning alternative fuel that is derived from 100 % of renewable resources, works in diesel engine without modification, it is the most exceptional fuel on the earth and etc...

Biodiesel has not many disadvantages, therefore it is useful for everyone. But there are some negatives. Main disadvantage is that, it is more expensive than petrol or diesel fuel; biodiesel fuel can damage rubber in some engines and it is not sold as well as petroleum. Also its smoke is very bad for people's health.

Let’s talk about biodiesel production levels. We know that the U.S.A. is in risk of going back in energy security. In 2007 its production was growing fast. In 2006 total production of biodiesel was 4-5 million tons, to say with one word biodiesel is developable fuel, but in 2008 production of biodiesel fell until 25 millions gallons. We hope that everything will be O.K.

What about cars, there are many types of biodiesel fuel cars on the market and they are selling like coco-cola. It happens, because one of the best competitors and manufacturers makes version of cars, which run on biodiesel. The only problem is that when it is cold the oil becomes cloudy and because of that the oil can crystallize. To cut long story short we can say that biodiesel is a best alternative fuel and time by time there will be many cars on our planet, which run on biodiesel fuel.

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