Diesel Fuel Economy

Established, that diesel is more economy, than other fuels. Probably, you met a man, who had changed his machine engine by diesel motor, because it works with more economy. But why? The answer is simple: diesel fuel economy established on two basic important factors: the effect of engine and the energy of this fuel. Let’s consider this facts more concrete and thoroughly.

For today diesel engine offers us perfect combination of economy and stability. We can say that its formula of combustion is ideal. It burns less fuel; its life is longer, durability is better, and works as good as another fuel motors. Also, some of them can conversion of fuel with highest efficiency – 55%. In fact, diesel motor is more efficient, than petrol engine.

Generally, diesel is more thick fuel than petrol. Because of it substance and thick, it produces 35-40% more energy on one liter, than petrol. Exactly this is diesel’s secret. In fact, when you buy it, you buy more energy! Diesel fuel economy has already foreseen by statistical. If man have machine with its engine he or she spend with care more than 2 000 dollars, after his or her car reach 100 000 miles. This statistic is for motorcars… And a driver, who have truck or lorry, can spend with care 3 000 American dollars on 100 000 miles.

In order we can say that diesel fuel economy is minimum 20 % than petrol and other fuels. Probably, this statistic is enough for sure, that it has great advantages.

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