Diesel Fuel Injector

Diesel fuel injector is a part of motor, which is mixes air to fuel and is the most important process. It was made almost 30 years ago and became the leader in fuel deliver work in gasoline engines. Before this, the same process was made by carburetor. Nowadays 95 % of diesel fuel is used by post injectors and 5 % is organized by carburetor. We talk underneath about difference between them. Time by time this system was smartening. After several years there was made electronic fuel injector and devices of diesel and gas were resembled.

In general injector is one of the complicated parts in engine. Drivers are often troubled for these problems. Fuel must be passed in cylinder and after it the next step is compresses. This action is happening in diesel fuel injector. Fuel and air has own limit, when excess compression of air, in this case in motor there will be knocking. After this, temperature of in engine rises up and all in all provokes damage of motor. The process of air mixing in post injector is faster than it is in carburetor. This is the main difference between them.

Diesel motor has one peculiarity. It lets out the fuel and after it starts other actions. In general, every exceptional motor has different injection system. Inspire of it's the same work principle. Also we know that motors of gas and diesel are like each others and the most important difference between them is system of fuel injection. Assuredly, this is not the only difference between a gas injector and a diesel fuel injector.

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